Best Glute Exercise You Aren't Doing!

Frog Pumps

One of the most effective glute activation exercise is the Frog Pump. Glute activation is important because if not executed, other muscles will take over during a workout and your glutes will not strengthen.

Frog Pumps Performed by Bret Contreras

Frog Pumps Performed by Bret Contreras

Frog Pumps are one of the simplest activation exercises.

1.     Get into a glute bridge position

2.     Flatten out lumbar spine

3.     Tuck neck into chest

4.     Dig elbows into ground and make fists

5.     Put bottoms of feet together and scoot heels as close to butt as possible

6.     Bridge into the air while maintaining position, repeat for desired # of reps

Weak or delayed glute activation is the root cause for many lower body injuries.

Misalignment: Weak glutes lead to the increased rotation from the femur through the knee, which could potentially remain permanent.

Lower Back: The gluteus maximus is pivotal in stabilizing the pelvis during lifting. Extensor muscles are forced to overcompensate.

Hamstring: The hamstrings become more involved in hip extensions, which incorporates additional strain.

ACL Sprains, IT band syndrome, and ankle instability are also results of weak and inactivated glutes.


 The gluteus maximus is the biggest and strongest muscle in the body. Ideally, it would be responsible for most of the force required for running and jumping, but poor technique when lifting and exercising can cause the glute muscles to be inhibited. If this occurs, an athlete's quads become the primary explosive muscle. While still doable, a quad-dominant athlete is missing out on their true athletic potential.