Gym Bag Essentials!!

1.     Foam Roller:

·       Foam Roller use is an important piece in injury prevention. Adequate use helps to restore the length-tension relationship of muscles, which will allow for correct join movements. Rolling will also increase one's range of motion, and blood flow. Add foam rolling to your daily warm-up routine.



2.     Lacrosse Ball:

·       A lacrosse ball is also used for rolling but it has a more specialized purpose. The size and shape of a lacrosse ball allows for pressure to be applied to more specific segments of muscle. The density of the ball also makes it easier to apply direct pressure to the targeted muscle areas.


3.     Chalk

·       When weightlifting, chalk is used to dry up sweat. Sweat is bad for many reasons. Primarily, sweat prevents you from having a solid grip, whether it be on a bar, a handle, etc. Absence of a proper grip can lead to accidents, and when working with large weight loads, accidents can become very dangerous. Chalk will also provide a good barrier of protection between your hands and the steel bars. This will prevent your hands from hurting and allow you to focus on your workout.


4.     Resistance Bands

·       Have you noticed how baseball players swing with additional weights on their bats before stepping up to the plate? Stretching and moving with resistance bands offers the same concept. Upon doing an action with resistance, it becomes less strenuous to do that same action when you remove the force acting against you. Resistance bands increase the effectiveness of stretching and also work to increase range of motion by making it more difficult to access that motion, until you are unhindered.


5.     Glute Bands

·       Glute activation is crucial to a modern athlete. Due to the large amounts of time our legs stay inactive nowadays, it becomes important to make sure they are ready to go when the rest of our bodies are. The glute muscles are the most important muscles in your legs, so if the muscles processes are not acting correctly, it can lead to lower back pain, hip pain, and even knee and ankle pain. Glute activation is not as simple as simply putting them to work (I.e. lunges or squats), but it is important to loosen the tight muscles and get their blood pumping before getting into any weighted workouts.