Why are you not performing at your peak?


A proper and effective workout is one of the most essential, yet most overlooked aspects to an athlete's performance. An appropriate workout helps to increase blood flow, warm up muscles, excite the nervous system, increase your oxygen intake, and prime your neural connections.

You may be asking, what is a proper warmup?

  • Traditionally start with 5-10 minutes a treadmill, working your way up to around 60-70% speed. While running, it is important to focus on your breathing, and your strides. This will help your body metabolize oxygen more efficiently.

  • Next you want to go through some dynamic movements, such as plyometrics (lunges, high knees, shuffles, Frankensteins, etc.). These exercises help to further loosen your muscles, and help your body get used to specific movements.

  • Additionally, you want to improve your body's motion and fluidity. Yoga and similar disciplines use the natural flow of your body to increase your mobility which helps your body warm up faster. Yoga will also engage your core control, an important factor in balance and stability.

  • Foam Rolling: This is typically looked at as a "when needed" action, but foam rolling (and lacrosse ball rolling for more specific muscle locations) will actually do wonders in preventing injury as well because of how it works to increase blood flow and range of motion.

Yoga Flow For Warmup

Yoga Flow For Warmup

Warming up is often something that athletes see as tedious, or frankly boring. Be that as it may, the best way to maximize your body's potential is to adequately prepare it to compete. Putting forth effort and committing to a complete warmup will send you on the path to success.