Youth Training 101 (Part 2)

There are many ways to skin a cat as well as to train an athlete. I’ve concluded that there are many ways to train youth athletes but I can list my top 2 tips.

1) Mobility is the KEY TO SUCCESS!


What does mobility and flexibility have to do with strength training? In reality, these factors play a huge role in a training program and in an athletes’ overall success on the field/court (you don’t have to include court if you don’t want to). Mobility is important because if a joint cannot move in its full range of motion, the surrounding joints will pick up the slack and excess stress will be put upon them. This can lead to stiffness and further injury to other joints. Since everything in the body works synergistically, if one part of the chain is damaged, the rest of the parts will soon receive the same fate. Working on a young athlete’s mobility can help with imbalances and can let their bodies move properly.


2) High Reps and Low Intensities

                    Don't even think about it!

                    Don't even think about it!


Lifting heavy weight and bragging to your friends about how much you bench is great. It can even help you get the street cred that you always wanted. But in reality it is a trap for young athletes because of the consequences it can come with it. Young athletes don’t spend enough time focusing on the technique of the exercise. With a high amount of reps and low intensity it allows the athletes to focus on their technique and efficiently lift the weight. It also allows the athlete to progress slowly, allowing their central nervous system to adapt to progressively heavier weights.