How to get Explosive!

Before we get into my top 3 strength exercises to increase the vertical jump, let’s briefly touch upon the science behind it. Vertical jump comes from how much power a person can generate to lift them off a surface.


Power = Force x Velocity


Force can change the motion of an object. It is closely related to the maximum strength a person can generate in order to move the body. Velocity is the average speed of an object. With both of these factors, one can calculate how much power he/she can generate. Since strength exercises help improve your force output, by improving your strength, you can produce more power. Power is everything when it comes to the vertical jump.


Below we have my top 3 strength exercises to increase the vertical jump.


Back Squats


A main lift in many programs, it targets the hips, glutes, and lower back, which are the three main muscle groups used in the vertical jump. Also, your hips and glutes are prime movers for hip extension



Trapbar Deadlifts

Another main lift that should be in everyone’s program. This exercise also targets the posterior chain. I like the trap bar deadlift a lot because it is easier to teach than the regular deadlift. The barbell deadlift should be a main exercise too, but people are more likely to perform the lift incorrectly than a trapbar deadlift.


Bulgarian Split Squats or Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats

Bulgarian split squat is a great exercise because it strengthens each individual leg. A lot of times, an athlete will have one leg that’s stronger than the other. It is very uncommon for an individual to have a symmetrical body; this is because we tend to have a dominant side. For example, if you are a righty, your left leg tends to be stronger. This attribute can lead to imbalances and injuries. We target these imbalances with a unilateral lift like the Bulgarian split squat.